Sustainable Services

sustainable action plan

Sustainable Action Plan

With a sustainable action plan - we will work with the festivals to formulate a personalized plan that looks at what can be done immediately as well as planning for the future for the overall event. We will meet with employees and volunteers on all levels as well as with attendees to get an accurate understanding of how each festival operates and to figure out what can be improved.


One of the main reasons festivals do not have green or sustainable policies is due to time. That is where our implementation service comes into play.

We will do the grunt work; contacting and negotiating with vendors that fit into the aforementioned sustainable action plans. With our expertise - we will save festivals and events the time it truly takes to implement these plans effectively.



We offer the opportunity for speaking engagements on the importance of sustainability within live events. Whether it be at conferences, Ted Talks, company retreats or anything else you could think of, we look forward to helping educate why environmental sustainability is so important.